I. The Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry is dedicated to promoting scholarship and scholarly exchange about the poetic production of the early modern Hispanic world—broadly speaking, Spain and the Spanish-speaking parts of colonial Latin America. It fulfills this objective through sponsorship of a biennial conference, publication of the journal Calíope, maintenance of the official SRBHP website (, the official SRBHP Facebook group (CaliopeSrbhp), the official SRBHP Twitter account (@CaliopeSrbhp), and other actions deemed appropriate by the membership. The Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry is an Associate Organization of the Renaissance Society of America. As such, it is entitled to sponsor up to five sessions at the RSA annual conference.


II. Membership in the Society is open to scholars and students who are interested in and committed to advancing the knowledge of Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic poetry and poetics. Members receive a subscription to Calíope and nominate and vote for members of the Society’s Officers and Board of Directors. Participants in the biennial conference must be current members. An annual membership fee, in an amount determined by the Board of Directors, shall be due on July 1. As a convenience to our members, the membership fee may be paid biennially (i.e., in an amount double the annual fee). Payment of dues is received by the Secretary/Treasurer, either by mail or in person at the biennial conference. European members may pay their dues directly to the Society’s Secretary/Treasurer in Europe.


III. The Board of Directors shall consist of six members, nominated by the membership at a general business meeting to be held at the biennial conference or by email to the President immediately thereafter. When electing new Directors, the Society shall make a good faith effort to achieve a balance between specialists in the fields of early modern Spain and Colonial Latin America. The Officers of the Society, including the Secretary/Treasurer in Europe and the Editor of Calíope, are ex officio voting members of the Board. The conference organizer will be a tenth, non-voting member of the Board for the two years prior to that conference. Directors will serve a term of four years, with half the members elected at each general business meeting. Board members may serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms, with the possibility of future re-election. The Board will meet formally during the conferences and will maintain informal contact through electronic mail. Every member of the Board shall be a member in good standing of the Society.


IV. The President shall be the principal executive officer of the Society and shall in general supervise and control all of the business and affairs thereof. He or she will be limited to one four-year term, with the possibility of future, non-consecutive re-election. The President shall preside at all meetings of members and of the Board of Directors. She or he shall make every effort to find a venue for the biennial conference. The President shall make a report of the actions and activities of the Board during the general business meeting at the biennial conference. He or she shall represent the Society in an official capacity. The President shall represent the Society at the annual Board meeting of the Renaissance Society of America every year, if possible (every other year, at minimum), and shall coordinate and submit the sessions sponsored by the Society for the RSA annual conference.

V. The Secretary/Treasurer shall record all votes and minutes of the Board and general business meetings of the Society, maintain a current membership list, collect dues, inform members of their membership status, and make an annual financial report, to be delivered at the business meeting of the biennial conference. In years when there is no conference, this report will be submitted to the Board on October 1. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be custodian of all funds and shall collect membership fees, and provide the list of current members to the publisher of Calíope. She or he may serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms, with the possibility of future re-election. At the end of each four year cycle, the Board of Directors shall review the Secretary/Treasurer’s performance and offer feedback to him or her. The Secretary/Treasurer for the Society in Europe will carry out the same duties within the European context.


VI. The Editor of Calíope, who serves at the pleasure of the Society, will be a voting member of the Board of Directors during his or her tenure. The Editor is in charge of content and operations connected with production and publication of Calíope, but not subscriptions, distribution or financial matters pertaining to the journal. The Editor, who is assisted by two Book Review Editors (one in the U.S. and another in Europe), will seek advice from the Editorial Board when appropriate. At the end of each four-year cycle, the Board shall review the Editor’s performance and offer feedback to her or him.

Election Procedures:

VII. The President of the Society will accept nominations, including self-nominations, for candidates for the Board of Directors and for the positions of President and Secretary/Treasurer, a) during the general business meeting at the biennial conference, and b) electronically, up to one month thereafter. In order to encourage nominations from across the SRBHP membership, each voting member of the Society can nominate no more than two candidates in any election cycle. Viable candidates will prepare a short bio-bibliographic summary and a statement of purpose to be distributed to membership prior to the vote, which shall be conducted electronically by the Secretary/Treasurer one month after the biennial conference. Eligibility: to serve on the Board of Directors, candidates must have been members of the Society for a minimum of two years.

Amendment of Bylaws:

VIII. These bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed and new bylaws may be adopted by a majority of the Directors present at any regular meeting or special meeting, if at least ten days’ written or electronically mailed notice is given to the SRBHP membership of an intention to alter, amend, or repeal these bylaws or to adopt new bylaws at such meeting. Any amendment of these bylaws shall be presented to the SRBHP membership for ratification.

Bylaws proposed by the Board of Directors and adopted by the membership, 1997.

Amended by the Board of Directors, 2003.

Amended by the Board of Directors August 20, 2015 and adopted by the membership, October 8, 2015.